Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a request for testing?

You must seek a referral from your oncologist/specialist.

What type of sample is required for each test?

- OncoSnap Pro, OncoSnap BRCA and OncoSnap Nonet: Tissue

- BRCA Zoom: Blood or Buccal Swabs

- p-EGFR and p-BRAF: Blood, Pleural Fluid, Ascitic Fluid, Cerebrospinal Fluid or Pericardial Fluid

- PD-L1: Tissue

- Guardant 360: plasma

How can the test results help with my cancer treatment?

Our lab team will provide an in depth test report which will help indentify cancer-causing genes, providing your oncologist information to select appropriate, targeted treatments.

How long does it take to generate reports for each test?

- OncoSnap Pro: 14 working days

- BRCA Zoom: 20 working days

- p-EGFR: 2 working days

- PD-L1: 8 working days

- Guardant 360: 10 working days

- p-BRAF: 2-3 working days

- OncoSnap BRCA: 14 working days

- OncoSnap Nonet: 3-5 working days