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Sanomics p-EGFR is able to...

Screen for the presence of Exon 19 deletions, Exon 21 L858R, Exon 20 T790M, C797S mutations using ddPCR in blood samples.


It is used to... 

Evaluate whether tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) is the right course of treatment 

Advantages of p-EGFR

Easy Order Method

Prepare two tubes of plasma

Sign the consent form

Call us and our courier will arrive to collect the sample

Turnaround Time



Suitable for...

Suspected or confirmed

lung cancer patients

Digital Droplet PCR

Sanomics employs the use of the ddPCR (Digital droplet PCR) to accurately analyse the DNA extracted from blood plasma. 

It bears a detection limit up to 0.1% fractional concentration of mutant - to - wild type DNA copies. 

This has 99.9% analytical sensitivity




The technology we use