|Miss Celine ChitChat|平胸=無乳癌?

乳房大細同患乳癌冇關係㗎!乳房太大只會增加咗檢查嘅難度,同乳腺癌發病率係毫無關係。無論乳房大定細,經過科學證實其實真正可能會致癌嘅因素,係同體內激素平衡水平、生育次數、初潮年齡有冇過早、平時嘅生活環境、有冇乳腺癌家族史、工作壓力會唔會太大等等嘅因素有緊密嘅聯繫。 Women with smaller breasts have less risk of breast cancer?
Breast size has nothing to do with breast cancer. Excessive breasts will only increase the difficulty of examination and have nothing to do with the incidence of breast cancer. Regardless of whether the woman's chest is large or small, the factors that may actually cause cancer are the level of hormone balance, the number of births, the premature age of getting your period, the usual living environment, the family history of breast cancer, and high work pressure. The factors are closely related and scientifically proven.

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